One Night in Bangkok: DMK Hostel Review

I never saw myself doing an “accommodation review” piece when I started this blog – but my stay at DMK Hostel in Bangkok has changed that. The 2-3 sentences on is not enough to express my annoyance at how pretentious travellers are towards this hostel.

Be warned: This post is going to be a bit of a rant, contain swearing and it will most likely offend the close-minded travellers who get offended when they see poor people.

Let’s Start At The Beginning

On Friday, my flight from Abu Dhabi landed in Bangkok two hours after the last flight to Ubon. Not wanting to stay in the airport until 10 am the next day, I decided to book a room at DMK Hostel. It was in walking distance from the airport, it had a bed and it was cheap. That was all I needed.

I am not one to check reviews to places, but after booking, I decided to read through a few because I was bored. It was then that I noticed DMK had a rating of 5/10. This peaked my curiosity. Did I just book a room in Thai hell?

No. I booked a room in a hostel frequented by pretentious hipster assholes.

The Complaints

These are a just a few of the complaints I found on the first two pages of DMK’s profile. You can read them all over here on

“Noisy place, woke up in the morning from the people talking or builders working even though I woke up at 8 am. it was quite difficult to find a hostel, bathrooms really small”

Firstly, this is not a 5-star hotel. DMK has normal sized bathrooms that you would find inside anyone’s house in Thailand. They even have a bigger bathroom downstairs that is tiled, has a huge mirror, with a shower and a basin in the same room. If you wanted to stay in something fancier why are you booking at the cheapest place around the airport?

A similar room to the one I stayed in minus the window.

A similar room to the one I stayed in minus the window.

“Although there is a notice that towels and toiletries can be requested at the reception counter, It is not too difficult to provide them in the room without any asking. Shared bathroom is acceptable, but dirtiness.”

The bathrooms are shared between all the guests dumb ass. Why would a budget hostel just leave all the toiletries out? It is not that difficult for you to open your mouth and ask for what you want. I would also love to know what your idea of “dirtiness” is as all the bathrooms I went to were in excellent condition. Even at 8 o’clock in the evening. 

“Really a bit pricey and nth around this hostel, don’t expect anything around the hotel.”

Bullshit. There is a beautiful temple within walking distance of the hostel. There is also a street food market right after the temple. For one night, you can go soak up the local culture and try some amazing food. Yes, the hostel is more expensive than others in the area, but it is the only one across the road from the airport. You are paying for convenience.

“Was in a very poor area. You have to go through smelly streets to get there. We booked double room with two beds, but the reception asked us to pay 60B more for it!!! Nothing worked well that night! Didn’t worth the price for it!”

Can you please just check your privilege? How can you review a hostel and be upset about having to walk through dirty streets and see poor people? That’s a fact of the fucking world. There happen to be poor people that share the same air as you. Being in the same area as them should humble you and make you appreciate what you have.

How can you list it as a reason for not enjoying your stay at the cheapest hostel by the airport for one night? If you didn’t want to see poor people, maybe you should of not come to a third world country.

“Far too expensive for what you got. Beds are tiny. Dirty sinks. Hostel is down a back alley, didn’t feel safe. Share air con with next door room so can hear everything going on.”

Oh, my flying fuck. I am so sorry your precious princess feet had to walk down a “back alley”. It is a side street off the main road. You are probably the type of person that would book a room on a busy road and complain because the locals had the audacity to drive on it while you were there.

Didn’t feel safe? The hostel door is locked from the outside and you can lock your door with your key. Heck, you could even drag your bed and push it against the door if you are that paranoid.

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My Experience

I arrived at DMK airport at around 7:30 pm. I grabbed some snacks and took out the hostel’s address that I had printed out in Thai. I was planning on walking across the Amari bridge to the hostel but I was so exhausted after a 12-hour flight that I opted for an overpriced airport taxi instead.

The “alley” was a cute little side street just off the main road and right by a 7/11. Which is great because that is where I went to catch a motorcycle taxi back to the Amari bridge the next day. I wouldn’t really call the area “poor”. It’s pretty much what you would find in a big city anywhere in the world. Some parts have the big fancy Hilton hotels and other parts have a more day-to-day experience. As for it being dirty, can we just all use India as a benchmark for that?

My room came with a double bed and an air con – which was a nice surprise. I was expecting a ceiling fan at the very least. The staff were friendly, helpful and understood English well enough. The bathroom downstairs was clean and it had HOT water. Having spent two weeks in Phuket and Phang Nga without this luxury, I was super appreciative to find it at a budget hostel.

Yes, not all the rooms have windows but most people stay here for only one night. If you have such a desire to see Bangkok – go outside. Otherwise, get into bed and catch up on your jet lag. 

The only sort of downside was the thin walls. I got to hear my neighbours have sex but it was worth it. Why? Because it creates the perfect opportunity to yell things like “FINISH HER!” and make their love making super awkward.

All in all, I give my stay at DMK 10/10. I got a bed. I got air con. I got hot water and I got to be awkward as fuck.

May less pretentious travellers visit this hostel and give it less shit.




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  1. Simon McGovern
    June 30, 2016 / 5:17 am

    I agree, so many foreigners think Thailand is a developed country. It’s not. You pay a low price this is what you get. I’ve stayed in worse places in London.Nothing to do, walk around you never know what you will find. As far as food, after 20 plus years here I think the food in Thailand is 3rd rate at the best and overrated, like it’s beaches. However, if you look around more closely and open your mind this is probably one of the best countries to sit, drink a coffee and people watch. The national parks with haven’t been over run with tourists are amazing.

    • June 30, 2016 / 5:47 am

      I have a soft spot for Thai and Laos food :p but I agree, if you compare it some of the countries known as foodie destinations Thailand doesn’t rank that high.

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