Pitching Templates for Finding Remote Work Clients


Struggling with landing remote clients?

Not sure what to say in your pitch to get a HELL YES from a client?

Terrified of the follow-up email?

Learn How to Write Irresistible Pitches!

This e-book will show you step-by-step what to put in your pitch to start booking freelancing clients.

    • Follow the formula and stop feeling uncertain about to say in your pitches.
    • Choose from seven different templates (job boards, cold emailing, brand sponsorships) and see examples of pitches that landed me $200 – $400 writing gigs!
    • Learn how to demonstrate your value and show your potential client why you’re the BEST person to work with.

Land a writing job for $50 per 1000 words or a client for only $25 per hour and make back your investment with some profit!

Download Pitching Templates for Finding Remote Work Clients and land your first online client!

Copy and paste the templates and fill in the blankets

Pitch with confidence & get noticed by your dream clients

✓ Includes what you need to do before & after pitching

✓ Use the pitching checklist to make sure you don’t leave out valuable information

✓ Learn how to sell yourself and position your services as a must-have solution

✓Templates for job boards, cold emailing, follow-up emails & sponsored content

What’s Inside:

    • 2 pitching templates for hotels
    • 1 pitching templates for job boards
    • 3 cold emailing templates
    • 1 follow up template
    • Pitching checklist
    • Pitching examples that won me paid gigs
    • What to do before and after you send a pitch




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