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Your no bullshit guide to travelling the world as a South African



Want to know which websites I use as a South African traveller to get the best travel deals? Well look no further. Here's a complete list of all the stuff I use before, during and after my trips!


One of my favourite ways to find cheap flights from South Africa to anywhere in the world is with Skyscanner. With most taxi drivers around the world hiking up trip prices for foreigners, Uber is ideal for city travel because you know exactly how much the ride will cost. Want a free ride? Click on my link and your first ride is on the house.



My favourite site for booking accommodation while abroad in Booking.com. I use to find deals on hostels and I love that it has the option to show prices in Rands. It also lets you generally book a room without having to make a deposit which has helped me save so much money when I've needed to cancel last minute.


Travel Deals

If you want to book your flights, accommodation, tours and car hire all in one go - head to these sites below! You'll find great travel packages and be able to compare prices to find the best deal for your next holiday.

Disclaimer: The only "affiliate link" on here is my Uber code because like African passports, affiliate marketing has it's geographical limitations.