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About Wanderlust Movement. Hi I'm Lauren, a South African travel blogger who decided to quit my day job and attempt becoming a full-time digital nomad.

Let's Start a Movement

Wanderlust Movement is a blog about ethical travel for 20-something South Africans to help them see the world for less. I started this blog because I wanted to inspire other South Africans to stretch their Rand further and travel to exotic destinations despite the restrictions on our passport.

A weak currency and no visa free travel to America, Europe, Australia and more presents it's own unique sets of challenges and opportunities. Unlike most travel bloggers I can't simply hop on a plane with a one-way ticket to explore some of the world's most popular destinations. As a result, my travelling style and how I choose my next destination is quite different.

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Join me (and occasionally my cousin), as I discover the best music festivals, adrenaline pumping activities and vegan-friendly destinations around the world for frugal South Africans and everyone else!

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A born and bred Cape Townian, in love with the mountain, ocean and great South African wines.  

A passion for people, cultures and anything different has driven me to explore as much of our incredible planet as possible. 

Living in the worlds travel hub, Dubai, has inspired me to see our planet. Experiencing so many polar opposite cultures on a daily basis is a tangible reminder that there is so much more out there to see.

I have an absolute passion for innovation, coupling the little reading I do on behavioural science with new concepts to one day build some cool solutions to everyday problems. For now the first real example of this is a small travel application called Tripr that I co-founded.

From Egypt to Philippines to Sri Lanka I have now ticked off 23 countries and counting! 

Countries: 23
Bucket List: Norway; Myanmar; Singapore; Indonesia and Poland

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Originally from Johannesburg, I fell in love with travel in late 2013 and have been trying to figure out how to stay on the road ever since.

But I quickly realised that the weakening South African Rand and the mountains of visa paperwork gave me a set of limitations that frustrated me to no end.

This frustration set a plan in motion that saw me quitting a growing career in IT to take a job as a Social Media Manager in the travel industry. And after 2-years of writing witty Instagram captions I quit that job to focus on becoming location independent.

In 2016, I moved to Thailand for six month as an English Teacher. Upon returning to South Africa, I decided to put all my energy into my freelance work full-time and have officially joined the ranks of nomadic entrepreneurs.

I hope this blog will inspire just one person to ditch their desk or show that it is possible to travel well despite a "shitty" exchange rate. 

Countries: 18
Bucket List: Bhutan; Iceland; Rwanda; Croatia; Poland and the Galapagos Islands

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