8 of the Best Victoria Falls Adventure Activities

Ah, Victoria Falls. One of the seven natural wonders of the world and Southern Africa’s adventure capital. If you are an adrenaline junkie this is a destination you cannot miss! In December last year, I travelled overland to attend the Jameson Vic Falls Carnival and indulge my inner adventure freak.

Here are the top Victoria Falls adventure activities you should tick off your bucket list while in Zimbabwe:

1. White River Rafting in The Zambezi River

White River Rafting down the mighty Zambezi is one of the best Victoria Falls adventure activities to experience the smoke that thunders. Prepare yourself for butterflies in your stomach as you tackle some of the best rapids in the world and extreme highs when you and your team somehow all manage to stay in the boat.

Pro Tip: Pack on the sunscreen and wear a long-sleeved shirt to avoid spending the rest of your holiday burnt and uncomfortable.

When to go: For maximum rapid carnage go between July and February when water levels are low.

Price: $160 + $10 for National Park fees. For South Africans, it will set you back +/- R 2500.00

2. Gorge Swinging From Victoria Falls Bridge

Imagine jumping off the Victoria Falls Bridge and swinging straight down towards the Zambezi River with only a rope to keep you away from the rocks below. Gorge swinging is one of the Victoria Falls adventure activities that will leave you on a high for hours.

Abseil Zambia built the world’s first gorge swing way back in 1998 and have been increasing people’s heart rates ever since. If you are too chicken to do this adventure solo (like me) you can take a partner and scream together as you fall towards the rocks and river below.

Pro Tip: If you plan to do this before heading off to the airport, make sure you have enough time. it’s not something you want to rush and getting geared up, ready to jump and swinging away can take up to an hour.

When to go: You can go anytime in the year, but from May to June the mighty Zambezi will be in full flood.

Price: From $90 or R 1300.00

3. The Famous Devil’s Pool

Can you even say you have been to Victoria Falls if you haven’t defied the laws of nature and survived? With a drop of over 100 metres into the misty water below – this isn’t for the fainted-hearted. Swimming at Victoria Falls Devil’s Pool is a once in a lifetime adventure activity that I missed for the worst reason. I didn’t think I would need to book in advance during peak season. Rookie mistake I know. But it just means that I have an excuse to go back one day!

Top  Tip: Don’t be like Lauren. Book your splash in the Devil’s Pool well in advance. Otherwise, you’ll be one of the suckers *cough me cough* standing in Victoria Falls National Park glaring at everyone waving back at you from across the falls.

When to go: Devil’s Pool is only open in the dry season when water levels are low (September to December).

Price: $95 or +/- R 1400.00

4. Zambezi Adventure Canoe Safari

If you are looking for an adventure that won’t be over in a couple of minutes – the Zambezi canoe safaris are for you. Livingstone’s Adventure has an epic 4-day canoe safari that is high up on my list to do next time I’m at Vic Falls.

The expedition starts on the Zambia side and follows the exact footsteps of Livingstone’s legendary journey. Along the way, you will get to explore narrow channels, islands and stay at the Royal Livingstone Hotel!

Top Tip: Keep a look out for all the amazing wildlife you will see like hippos, buffalo, wild dogs and elephants!

When to go: A great choice all year around but June and November are the best times for game viewing.

Price: Starts at $105 or R 1600.00 for a half day safari.

5. Microlight Flight Over Victoria Falls

What’s better than flying over the Victoria Falls? Viewing one of Africa’s greatest natural wonders from a microlight! Instead of choosing the helicopter flight, grab onto your sense of adventure and experience a completely unobstructed view of the thunderous 1700m long Victoria Falls!

Pro Tip: Don’t worry about bringing your cameras along. There is a wing mounted camera operated by the pilot. Not only can you request special shots but it gives you no other choice but to sit back and take in the sheer power and beauty of the falls surrounding you.

When to go: Avoid rainy season (December to March) as flights are subject to weather conditions.

Price: From $155 or +/- R 2300.00

6. The Best Bungee Jumping in the World

Bungee jumping in Victoria Falls is the original and ultimate adventure thrill! With a killer location complete with rainbows and the raging Zambezi below, it makes for one of the best Victoria Falls adventure activtities. In four seconds you will free fall 111 metres into “no man’s land” and experience one of the world’s top five adrenalin pumping activities.

Will you be brave enough to face the mighty Zambezi with an Ankle-Tied Back Flip?!

Top Tip: If that isn’t enoughheart-pumpingg action for you, save some cash and sign up for the Big Air experience that includes the bridge swing and slide!

When to go: March to June when the falls are in full flood.

Price: $160 or +/- R2300.00 for just the bungee jump and $210 or +/- R3020.00 for the Big Air option.

7. Crocodile Cage Diving in Victoria Falls Town

Crocodile Cage diving is a unique underwater Victoria Falls adventure activity. Located in the centre of Victoria Falls town, it gives you the chance to experience these predators up close and in their natural environment.

The three crocs you will encounter were rescued from an abandoned crocodile farm in Zimbabwe. Since then, they have become ambassadors of their kind by helping to demystify negative connotations about their kind and teach travellers about their vital role in the wild.

Top Tip: A Nikon waterproof compact digital camera works very well for photographs in the cage.

When to go: This is a great option all year around.

Price: $70 or +/- R 1010.00

8. An Ethical African Safari

An African safari in Zimbabwe is the perfect way to end off an amazing adventure holiday in the country. There is nothing quite like that feeling you get when you spot your first pride of lions and get so close to Africa’s iconic wildlife.

Zimbabwe unfortunately still has a few wildlife activities that aren’t considered ethical in most parts of the world. Do your research and make sure your experience involves enjoying the wildlife in their natural habitat. One of the providers that take ethical animal tourism very seriously and have amazing trips is Wild Horizons.

Top Tip: Avoid providers that promote walking or riding wild animals.

When to go: May to the end of October/November for the famous dry season.

Price: Chobe National Park day trips from $150 or +/- R 2200.00

BONUS: Zambezi River Sunset Cruise

After a busy day of throwing yourself off cliffs, battling it in the rapids or taking to the skies its time to take five and bring that heart rate down. One of the best ways to end off an action packed day in Victoria Falls is the stunning Sunset Cruise on the Zambezi River.

Unwind with a glass of wine, great food and a camera full of a picturesque African sunset.

Getting an adrenaline rush in Victoria Falls will always be an unforgettable experience!



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